I had an EAV scan today with a practitioner I’ve been seeing for several years now.  I wanted to see if he found the same clinical shifts that I’ve been noticing physically. I know many readers out there don’t believe in this diagnostic modality, but hey, it’s my party and I can cry if I want to.

Here are the notes from my session:

  • Lymphatics came up as the most stressed organ, with liver and kidney next.  I’ll come back to this later.
  • Heavy metals are still not a problem.  I thought this may not be the case since I had a metallic taste in my mouth the other day, but this finding correlates with all the negative metal provocation tests and EAV scans I’ve had in the past.
  • Herpes viruses are the biggest pathogenic stressor.  CMV came up, but generally I only use EAV scans to identify patterns, not to identify species or strains.  This was confirmed by my testing strongest for Valcyte as the medication to address most of my stressors.  Raltegravir was next, with Amantadine following.  The last time I did an EAV with him, I was still living in a house and also tested the same medications.  At that time, Valcyte did not test at all for me, even while Herpes continued showing up as big stressors.  This would resonate with what Lisa has been saying for awhile: that while certain antivirals would be effective and generally a good idea during extreme avoidance, your body simply does not tolerate them when it’s overreacting to biotoxins.  Raltegravir coming up doesn’t tell me it’s a retrovirus, because it has anti-herpetic properties.  In any case, Valcyte tested twice as strong as the Ralt.
  • Neurotoxins came up as a stressor (which makes sense with my on-again, off-again mental clarity and unpredictable sleep patterns out here) which are messing with my oxygen metabolism
  • Aortic valve and left pulmonary valve both came up as stressed, but we think this is mostly due to the long-term effects of the disease.  CMV and strep showed up in the heart, but not significantly.  Magnesium Taurine was shown to help, so I’ll add that, but in general I think the heart will come around only after the toxins and viruses are addressed.
  • In general, he remarked that it was obvious that I’d improved because all my stressors were in more balance than they’ve ever been (He uses a quantitative scale for this, but I won’t go into detail)
  • Going back to the lymphatics, the clinical pattern indicates massive detox despite how great I’ve been feeling.  Perhaps viruses are part of the picture because as the toxins go, viruses go, but my body is beckoning for a potent antiviral the way Valcyte lit up.

Roadmap: I think it’s time to add Valcyte to the mix.  I have a year’s supply and have been waiting for the green light to go ahead, and this was just the push I needed.  My disease started with acute mono and I’m ready to come full circle with it now that I’m beginning to reverse the progression of disease that happened post-mono.  I’ll start a month of Famvir and add in abundant lympathic, kidney, liver support.  I’ll begin taking Shark Liver Oil to boost the WBCs (which will likely drop on the Valcyte) and ramp up my dosages of MB12 and Metafolin to maintain DNA/RNA synthesis.

About CityChanger

This blog is about my participation in a clinical trial for ampligen, an experimental immunomodulatory and antiviral drug, for ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis).

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