This unit really didn’t have the makings of a CFS sanctuary, but as we know looks can be deceiving with mold/chemical sensitivities.  Sometimes an old brick building from 1910 will be the best possible thing.  Close your eyes and follow your nose, cuz your nose knows.  Yeah I just said that.

Best of all, this is one of the cheapest units I’ve looked at and is month to month!  They have one of those european combo units that serve as both washer and dryer (no idea whether that’s better or worse from a mold standpoint, but I think it’d be a wash–YEAH I JUST SAID THAT TOO)

In short, I can breathe, sleep, and think in here.  My gut isn’t nearly as good as it is outside or in my trailer.  The bloating and indigestion hit me within a few hours, but that was also the case at my old residence which was in a great location.  I just don’t think a house, no matter how traditional the skeleton is, is gonna be “great” with all the modern chemical bells and whistles added.  Well one house was, but it was all hardwood and I was staying in an expansive living room with high vault ceiling: aka tons of ventilation in an already good house.  However, at some point if you need a place to crash for the winter, you need to estimate what the best you’re gonna get is, and I think this is the best I’m gonna get barring further massive expenditure of energy.

Being able to test drive a place for even a night is a huge privilege in a booming urban area.  Here, most 1 and 2-bdrms are reasonably priced (mostly around $600-$900, respectively—compare that to LA and SF where I’m from where the prices are double that), so with the strong job market the units that don’t wretch like 10 cats pissed a trail of organic roses to invite you in, get snatched up within a few days of listing.

I got lucky with this unit.  Mostly the units that will let you test drive are the ones that are trying to sell.  The landlord saw what a tough time I was having, so he let me stay the night despite having 2 applicants ahead of me.  I’m counting my blessings for sure.  Another plus is it’s literally 3 blocks away from where I’ll be getting infusions, so I won’t need to hire a driver.

So that means I’ll be starting ampligen on time, and since I’m not living in a great location and still have some gnarly location-dependent symptoms (nausea, gut as mentioned, nasal congestion) I should be able to tell if amp is helping me with my sensitivities just by looking back at this blog.  Perhaps this is a blessing in disguise?

About CityChanger

This blog is about my participation in a clinical trial for ampligen, an experimental immunomodulatory and antiviral drug, for ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis).

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  1. karen says:

    I,too, get immediate symptoms in my gut w/nausea when I am around the “ick.” Or sometimes I get ravenously hungry. And then I know I have to leave that location asap.

    Glad you found a place for the winter. Looking forward to reading more about your adventure.

  2. islandgirl says:

    Glad you found a place! So, coincidentally, did I. I’m going back into the breach (into the city of Seattle; my husband got a job where the commute would be 2.5 hours from the island). It took us a long time to follow our noses (well, my nose — he’s pretty dull when it comes to this stuff). No more hip neighborhood with glorious decaying buildings for me. But! I found a recent construction condo that smells of cedar and is well ventilated by douglas firs, with balconies in the front and back, that backs up to a forest trail. I think you’re right about high ceilings — this place has those, and maybe that was what felt so right about it. There was newish “green” building apartment complex we looked at — all metal and low VOC; I was really hopeful about that place for us — that had really low ceilings and instantly felt really icky to me. It almost literally sent me running and I wondered why it did. Must have been the lack of interior ventilation from low ceilings. Apartment hunting is stressful. We should both have some uh… sparking kefir? to celebrate.

  3. Lilly says:

    I couldn’t figure out where you are and what Ampligen center you’ll be using. Could you tell me, please?

    Best wishes for your trial. I’ll be checking back and cheering for you!

  4. R says:

    I don’t know how anyone can get well if sinuses are impacted with fungal and secondary bacterial infections. My MD is one who suggests the beach and right on it, the desert with no grass or possibly very high altitude, preferably the beach. He is also seeing alot of mold illness with related sinus disease.

    I have this and I think some of my reactions are due to some sort of flare in sinuses that may involve if not cns inflammation, also systemic inflammation in response to some things environmentally. I think certain locations and environmental conditions exacerbate this.

    If sinuses are impacted, closed off with thriving growing fungus that produce all the stuff growing fungus produce, including biotoxins, thats like having a sick building in your head. Add to that a potential super antigen effect at least from comorbid bacterial infections such as staph aurerus, then I wonder the impact of this brew esp when some sort of flare or bloom response is triggered. I experienced this this spring in SE US.. it sent me to my current MD and had nothing that I could tell to do with toxic mold, rather increased mold spore counts outdoors in stagnant humid air.

    Possibly several factors for some of us to consider who have mold illness. I was living in a mold contaminated house for possibly 5 years and this sinus condition worsened over that time. I was also living in the midst of over 100 acres of wet woodlands as well.

    I have a white out condition in my sinuses and MD advises surgery (his way) and relocation preferably right on the beach, desert and possibly high altitude as I mentioned. If I cannot do this, house clear of trees, direct sunlight, elevated and not in a bowl, well drained and not wet and of course not mold infested. He does believe in a super antigen T cell upregulation (system inflammation) from mold spore contact in general (thus the location effect he has made note of) as well as toxic effect and mycotoxin illness from mold. I’m still not sure what to make of the former, but know when the heavy humidity set in and mold growth went up, so did some of my symptoms. It seems my intestinal mucosa inflames along with my sinuses and brain at same time.

    Congratulations on finding a place to land. Good luck!!!!!! And thanks so much for sharing your experiences.

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